Trance Genres


Trance is a genre of electronic music that combines a repeating synthesized beat that is often coupled with a melodic tune or vocal track. Trance often moves from the repeating beat that builds up to a climax. Trance is broad term to describe the a type electronic music and can be further divided into subgenres such as uplifting trance, progressive trance, and vocal trance.

Vocal Trance

As the name suggests, vocal trance is trance that is accompanied by a vocal track. Female vocal artists seem to be a big draw for most listeners as their angelic voices help to intensify that dreamy feel while providing a catchy tune that can be sung along. Vocal trance provides a human factor into an otherwise instrumental sound that could often sound ‘lonely’. It also helps please mainstream listeners who are more familiar with modern dance and pop tunes that have a singer. Vocal trance tends to be almost pop-like except most times vocals are kept to a minimum and the underlying trance tune i

Progressive Trance

Progressive trance tends to be a deeper and darker beat that have hints of a house beat. Some progressive trance may be accompanied by a vocal track. Progressive trance maintains the basic trance structure of a melody, buildup, and climax, but it tends to be less ‘dreamy’ than traditional trance with its different baseline and choice of sound effects. It also tends to have less slow passages than tradition trance, which makes it more suitable for clubs where the DJ has to keep the people dancing.

Classic Trance

Classic Trance is a term used for trance of all genres that were played often and have aged over the years. Most often they are well known tracks that bring back that moment of good times.

Uplifting Trance

Uplifting trance is used to describe trance music that gives a euphoric uplifting feeling to the listener. Uplifting trance tends to be more instrumental with a very catching melody that is similar to classical music. The tone is usually very light sounding with less harding hitting baselines to provide that feeling of happiness.

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